Posted on: January 6, 2011 3:45 pm

Andrew Luck Comin Back!

Wow, good for you Andrew!  How is that for a statement?  To be fair, I wouldn't pass up a Stanford education either....
I hope it works out for him because he is a the real deal.  He is going to be a great QB and now he will most defintely be the smartest QB in the league except Ryan Fitzpatrick from Harvard.  Pete Prisco says his move comin back ti Stanford is a stupid one because he risks injury, but he would also be risking injury leaving early and then getting hurt before he gest paid.  The new collective bargaining agreement is not even close to being finalized so Luck, along with all of the other draftees won't see any money until its signed.  Luck is a smart guy and I fully expect Stanford to compete next year but lose once again to the soon-to-be National Champs my Oregon Ducks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Ducks!!!

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 9:07 pm

UNC Basketball

Ah, it has been far too long since my last blog.  I am unhappy to say that I was just too lazy and did not care about this enough.  I have recently found the passion again, hard pressed to say for the wrong reason.  The Tar Heels are off to a slow disappointing start, I really wish I could have a sit-down with Roy because I have a few questions or whatever to ask him.  For starters, why is Larry Drew still the point?  Kendall Marshall's numbers are better almost across the board.  I would rather have the team struggle more while Marshall finds a comforst zone than watch a talentless Larry Drew stumble through every game with 5 turnovers.  It would be one thing in Drew good make a shot but he is legitimately the worst shooter on the team.  I'm sure he is a nice guy and I almost feel bad saying this, but how did he make it on UNC!?? 
Second, Harrison Barnes just needs to walk up to whoever the PG is, may it be Drew or Marshall, and say "I want the ball"!  I struggle listening to these analysts say that he is the best frosh in the country when he doesn't command the ball in clutch moments.  Kyrie Irving of Duke is what Barnes needs to be like, now thats a frosh who can play folks.  And for all you loyal readers( I think there are about 3 of you) you know how I feel about Duke. 
Another little tid-bit about UNC, when you look at the #1 team Duke they play maybe 8 guys consistently every game.  UNC on the other hand plays two full rotations of players and its never the same five on the court for more than three minutes!  Roy, how is your team going to establish its best player, or even a consist five if they only play about four minutes at a time before another rotation starts?  This isn't hockey!  Honestly, the starting five should go as follows
PG Kendall Marshall
SG Reggie Bullock
SF Harrison Barnes
PF John Henson
C Tyler Zeller
And the first person of the bench should always be(unless foul trouble for a big man) Dexter Strickland.  He is the sparkplug for the team, he also happens to be the fastet guy and the best finisher on lay-ups.  Leslie Mcdonald is also a valuable bench player, I did not know he could score.  Justin Knox should spell Zeller or Henson, but the game should never go on without either Zeller or Henson in at all times.  Justin Watts is a backup F and he is 6'4!!!  Are you kidding me???  Most people consider that under-sized at the SG position let alone a 3 or a 4!  He should play maybe three minutes a game.....  In fact, all the starters should average over 25min a game.  Duke is going to undefeated probably and Mason Plumlee has the lowest MPG of the consistent starters at 26.5!
I think I've mave my point.......... 

Good to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The Favre Saga Continues...

Unbelievable... This guy is now a legend for more than just his skill level and talent on the football field, he is now a legend for his selfishness off the field. How old is Brett Favre? 50? More like 40 but he will probably still be playing at 50!  He has tarnished his brilliant career, which has lasted way too long, by coming out of retirement twice to play for a team no one ever thought he would play for.  He spent his whole life with the Packers and now he is gonna lead their arch rival to the playoffs?  Ha, hilarious... I never really liked Favre and these last 2 years have put me over the edge.  I just have trouble imagining any Packer fan liking this guy anymore...  I have to admit that he still has a cannon but how pathetic must his home life be?  He can't spend a couple months aways from football without crying himself to sleep at night in his Wrangler Denim Jeans!  A little advice to you Brett, see a counselor about your problems and give this year a final go because you actually have a shot to do something good with this team, but after that if you do not retire, you might actually fade away into dust the second you get hit by a linebacker...
Fine by me!
Posted on: July 13, 2009 2:45 am
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All-Star Snub... Robinson Cano

So here's the thing, Robinson Cano has been the catalyst for the Yankees along with Mark Teixeira.  He is hitting above .300 and his more RBI's and HR's than Dustin Pedroia, who was voted by the fans as the starter for 2B.  I am not saying that Pedroia isn't having an All-Star year, along with Aaron Hill for that matter, but Cano didn't even get a roster spot.  Then, Carlos Pena gets chosen to replace Pedroia for the game because he will not be able to participate.  This leaves the AL Roster with one true second basemen and Cano sitting back in New York.  He had a bad year last year and was forgotten, but now he is in the top 10 in the AL for hits and average.  He has jumped all the way up to 5th in the batting order in the Bronx, a run-producing slot.  It saddens me to think that most of these voters and sports writers give him the broom sweep under the rug.  And, on a final note I find it widely hilarious that whoever decided that Pena should get the replacement spot obviously doesn't like to pay attention to his batting average which sits currently at .230!!!!!

P.S. He is also leading the AL in strikeouts but since he has 24 HR's, he is an All-Star
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The Best MLB Pitcher Today

Its hard to argue against Tim Lincecum.  He is putting up such amazing numbers and is in his 3rd year in the Majors.  He earned his first(of many) Cy Young awards last season after leading MLB in strikeouts and BA against.  He picked up his 10th win of the season today in his final start before the All-Star Break.  He has 149 K's and an ubelievable ERA of just 2.33 with 127.2 innings logged thus far in the season.  Other contenders for the best pitcher in baseball are Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners, Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays, and Dan Haren of the Arizona Diamond Backs, all of which have demonstrated that everytime they pick up a baseball, they can dominate the entire game.  Lincecum, aka "The Freak", is in well on his way to picking up his second straight Cy Young.
Posted on: June 18, 2009 3:11 pm

Sports Glogging

Recently, actually, it is still going on, I was participating in a live glog for a MLB game with the Yankees against the Nationals.  those of us in the glog have been talking about a variety of things, most recently, Brett Gardner.  He is a below aveage hitter with good speed an a weak arm in the outfield.  Others in thr glog find that he is a very important piece to the Yankee club(which sounds like something a manager would say to the media to hind the fact that the player in question is terrible).  I just don't see how he is going to go anywhere in this league.
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The Best Change-Up in Baseball

Its official, Tim Lincecum has surpassed Johan Santana for having the best change-up in the leagua.  Trevor Hoffman has a very good change as well, along with Cole Hamels, but Lincecum's is down right nasty to both Righty's and Lefty's at the plate.  My guess is that over 75% of Timmy's K's are off of his change-up.  His fastball and slider pitches are both well above average which is what makes his change-up so effective.  Today he pitched against the LA Angels of Anahiem, he went 8 innings(took the loss) but had 9 K's.  Of those 9 K's, a remarkable 8 came off of his change-up....
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Posted on: March 2, 2009 8:44 pm

SuperStar Status

Hey everyone, just made Superstar!!!!  UNC plays VT this Wednesday, should be competitive but UNC beat down in the second half...

Go Yankees, season starts April 6 2009!!!!


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